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Who we are, our Vision and Mission

We are a non-profit organization NaZemi based in the Czech Republic.
We believe that every person in the world has the right to live and work in decent conditions.
We focus on the connection of our consumer behaviour with problems in developing countries and we motivate individuals, companies and countries to accept responsibility for these issues.

We promote decent work in the world!

  • We support corporate accountability, because companies have the power to change conditions in developing countries towards decent living and working conditions.
  • We support Fair Trade and thus producers, craftsmen and employees in developing countries in improving their living conditions. Through Fair Trade and direct contact with producers we encourage the Czech public in more responsible consumption.
  • We promote Global Development Education that contributes to the understanding of the relationship between our own life and the lives of people around the World. By developing educational materials, organizing programs for students and workshops for teachers we support the Global Development Education in both formal and informal education.

The organization was established in 2003 and operates thanks to the work of enthusiastic volunteers and support of various donors.
We cooperate within the framework of national and European structures. We are a non-profit organization financed by national, international and private donors, and by our own activities - especially by running a specialized Fair Trade shop, offering our own Fair Trade coffee brand and through our supporters club.

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